February 2024 SeaBEC Meeting Will Be Presented In Person at RDH

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RDH Building Science Inc.

2101 N 34th St. Ste 130
Seattle, WA 98103


Thursday, February 15, 2024

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5:00 pm - 5:30 pm 
Socializing & Networking 

5:30 pm - 5:40 pm
SeaBEC Business + Announcements

5:40 pm - 7:00 pm 
Speaker Presentation and Q&A

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W.R. Meadows


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Extending the Life of the Roofing Assembly 


The roofing assembly is a critical element in a building's infrastructure. This presentation investigates the history of roofing underlayment and how advancements in breathable roofing underlayment technology can extend the life of the roofing assembly.  

 Scott Wood is the Senior Building Scientist at VaproShield providing product support on manufactured materials and investigation/testing of properties for new product development. As  a building scientist he provides technical support for the company's representatives, clients and assists in the development and updating product literature. Mr. Wood provides investigations, consulting, presentations and training in Building & Thermography Sciences. Since his creation of the course in 2003, he provides the only 4-day Building Science Thermography class for Level I and Level II that provides instruction in the use of infrared thermography in building applications. 


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SeaBEC Meeting, Thursday, March 21, 2024

Modular Design a Case Study from an Envelope Perspective (what worked and what didn't and what was missed)

Morrison Hershfield