Air Barrier Educational Symposium     

In lieu of our traditional Thursday Meeting, SeaBEC has partnered with ABAA to provide a special WEDNESDAY In Person Event featuring the following speakers and presentations that make up the Air Barrier Educational Symposium.


The in-person Symposium will be held at the OAC office located at:

 2200 1st Ave S., Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98134

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Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022

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8:45 am - 9:15 am
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9:15 am - 3:00 pm 
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  Laverne Dalgleish, the Executive Director with the Air Barrier Association of America will present: Oh No! What Did I Miss? How to Properly Specify an Air Barrier. Design and Construction documents are one of the first steps towards achieving an effective layer of airtightness to manage moisture and air movement. The importance of a proper specification cannot be understated, and a well-articulated document will ensure that the owner is provided with materials, performance and quality. This presentation will review some of the consideration and language that should be reviewed prior to developing a specification it will also outline code and performance requirements.

Mr. Dalgleish will also present: Air Barrier Material Evaluations & Testing: Why Peanut Butter is Good for a Sandwich but Not for Your Air Barrier. In this presentation Mr. Dalgleish explains that while air barrier technology has been around for decades, the use of air and water resistive barrier material in buildings is fairly new. Some air and water resistive barrier materials have been used in other applications for years and now are being used for the air and water control layer. Now that the application has changed, does the material still perform in the new application?  As the air and water resistive barrier industry has grown over the past decade, new materials have come on the market. These materials have a short track record, but should you shy away from using them? This presentation shows how you can sort out the different materials and how you can get help in choosing the right one for your project

  Andrew Dunlap, Principal at SmithGroup Inc., and Building Technology Studio Leader, will present: By Others - The Elusive Subcontractor Responsible for Transitions. This presentation is an in-depth look at the environmental separators for the roof, wall and below grade assemblies in regards to water control, air leakage control, thermal performance and vapor control. Critical details that typically cause building performance related issues will be focused on the two largest failures of building enclosures: roof to wall connections and wall to window connections specific to curtain wall systems. A step by step look at each critical detail in regards to sequence of construction and the various connections to ensure airtight/watertight and thermally protected details. Real life photos and job conditions will bring the realities of the construction process to show typical errors found and how they can be addressed correctly. 

  John Posenecker, Senior Principal and Facilities Manager at Terracon will present: Waterproofing Used as the Air Barrier on the Other Sides of the Building Enclosure. This presentation will locate the portions of the continuous air barrier that are not part of the above grade walls, roofing or fenestrations. It will provide a basic overview of below grade and elevated deck waterproofing systems, their installation challenges and performance testing techniques. Several critical transitions to surrounding systems will be identified and details will be reviewed. 

This event is approved for 4.5 LU/HSW AIA and 3.0 GBCI Credits

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