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Thursday, May 20, 2021

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11:30 am - 11:40 am
SeaBEC Business + Announcements

11:40 am - 1:00 pm 
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Rooftop Amenity Spaces - Issues and Solutions  

Intensely landscaped rooftop amenity space is becoming more common on new buildings in Seattle and other Urban Areas. This practice is expanding as the Seattle region juggles the duality of becoming increasingly urban while maintaining a direct connection to our outdoor natural surroundings. These spaces typically provide an enjoyable outdoor space for residents and can include areas to walk, recreate, sit, BBQ, walk dogs, play sports, and enjoy natural elements like green roofs, planters and trees. They often are good places to enjoy a scenic view. The building design industry lacks consensus standards or design of rooftops as amenity spaces. However, this practice is evolving. The purpose of this presentation is to review current practices, known challenges, and the risks involved. We will also represent a basis for evaluating these challenges and suggest some approaches to improve design.  

 Scott Croasdale is a Principal with 4EA Building Science (formerly JRS Engineering LLC) and was instrumental in opening up the Seattle office in the early 2000's. He regularly works on both U.S. and Canadian projects, leveraging lessons learned to benefit projects on both sides of the border. Scott works on all project types for both new and existing buildings. He is a generalist with a focus on thermal performance of walls, structural attachment of cladding, metal roof design in snow country, air barriers, and both focused and general investigations into building envelope performance problems. Scott is a licensed Professional Engineer in British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Oregon. 

 Jeff Speert is a Principal and Office Director with 4EA Building Science (formerly JRS Engineering LLC). He is a licensed architect with over 25 years of industry experience, including time spent as a carpenter and professional practice in small-and-mid-sized architecture firms. His passion for building sustainability and durability, and fascination with tectonics and construction methods led him to a building science career where he has been a building scientist with 4EA for the past 13 years. His technical depth in building science and foundation in architecture and design have helped build the 4EA culture- tackling the challenging task of harmonizing aesthetic vision with the high-performance demands of contemporary building enclosures. 

2021 SeaBEC Student Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Lorena Ware from the University of Washington and John Brown from Washington State University! They are the 2021 recipients to our two SeaBEC student scholarships. Each winner will  be awarded $2000. SeaBEC is proud to be able to support the next generation of thought leaders in our industry!

Spring 2021 SeaBEC Meetings 

Our goal at SeaBEC is to bring you technically excellent and timely educational content at every member meeting. We will continue our virtual education series through April, May, and June this year and will not be hosting a May sympoisum. We look forward to connecting with you virtually at our regular member meetings!

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